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Alternative Medicine

Shamanic & Reiki Spiritual Healing

Psychic Mediumship

What is REIKI Spiritual Healing?


Reiki is Alternative Medicine and healing modality over 2000 years old from the far East  used to help reduce pain, stress, and emotional discomfort while increasing clarity and rejuvenation.

*. Reiki subtle energy medicine restores mental, emotional balance and physical health

*. It's a science of the mind that treats the cause not the effect.

*  REIKI is excellent for reducing pain and stress of tense muscles

*. It comforts during the grieving process and helps release emotional pain of past traumas

*  REIKI accelerates recovery after surgery

*. It lessens addictive behaviors; Increases clarity, calms and rejuvenates

*. It produces clear improvements in seemingly hopeless conditions

*. REIKI is not dependent on one's intellectual capacity and there is no religious dogma. It works whether you believe it or not.


What to expect during a Reiki Healing Session


It begins by blessing us both in a veil of burning sage to clear any unwanted energies that may have entered with you. You may invite your own spirit guides or Diety to aid in the healing process..

With a gentle laying-on-of-hands, you'll experience a warm tingling sensation across and around your mind and body clearing any blocked chakras.  It's Universal life-force energy and love being channeled to you through me.

There are no limits or rules during a session. Messages from the Spirit realm may come through to help with the process. This information should be received with an open mind and meditated upon for clarity. Emerge calm, and focused, feeling surrounded by Divine Light. This is your spiritual awakening to Source, or God. After a session, drink plenty of plain water and rest to allow the natural release of toxins. Refrain from using OTC medications.

Your prescription will be a simple course of action that harmonizes with everyday life. You will be healing from the inside out. You will notice negative thinking, behaviors and attitudes diminish. 

Unlike Western Medicine, Rev. Cara uses the Science of medical intuition, Shamanic wisdom teachings and archetypal psychology to determine the cause, not the effect, of DIS-ease and its' ceaseless maintenance. The speed of your recovery depends upon your ability to accept your present illness or situation and move passed it. Prepare for major lifestyle and relationship changes.

What is a chakra?

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Spiritual Awakening Workshops

Balance Mental, Emotional, Spiritual body
Heighten Intuition
Clear Mind and Body of Impurities

Elevate Spirit

Sessions and workshops are inspiring, educational and restorative with an emphasis on truth and the power of present moment awareness. I will be your Spiritual Guide, assisting you on your journey inward. Together we will meet your creative inner-child, the missing link to who you once were - and begin from there. Each workshop embraces a combination of tools and techniques for mind and body balance, health and spiritual development.

#1 Reiki Meditation Healing Circle

#2 Natural Self-Healing Techniques Workshops 8 sessions

  • Breathwork & Meditation  If you're coping with anxiety or panic attacks, Rev. Cara will help you create a secure place in which to go (in your mind)  when life's situations become unbearable. Guided imagery is used to visualize yourself as already healed.

  • Enhance Intuition  Learn to trust and follow your gut sensations. Recognize and understand messages your body sends. What an exhilarating feeling of empowerment as you replace old fears with the power of your potential. 

  • Identify energy vampires in your life, i.e. What or who is draining your energy?.

  • Harmonic Sound Healing for chronic conditions; Exercises to strengthen vision and memory recall.

  • Tapping or EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) - Tap on specific acupuncture points on the face and body, affirming acceptance of yourself and who you are.


Embrace change and redesign your life. Register here 


"...Your class was very soothing and enjoyable. It was higher level learning, and gave me insight on how I can connect with my inner self to get answers for my health and well-being. Becoming aware of its existence helped me overcome obstacles as simple learning experiences, not fight against. The techniques you showed us had a way of addressing them in a positive way."    Lia Renda, Systems Analyst NYC

“The Mindfulness for stress-free living workshop with Mia was great. We enjoyed sharing and learned so much."    -Eduardo Cervantes, Secretary, Unity of SD

"Mia generously gives of herself and her experiences as life lessons, helping others to find their path to healing and wholeness.  It is a blessing to be in her positive, presence during a healing session. I find her to be an inspiration as she motivates me to keep moving forward a step at a time to find my New Self.   --Susan Boutros, Pres. Environmental Assoc. Ltd. Microbiological Lab director

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