Born and raised in NYC, Mia found her niche in Buffalo as an Artist, Writer, Doctor of Alternative Medicine and Spiritual Advisor. The Wounded Healer's journey was mapped out at an early age when she diagnosed with a debilitating illness that could prove fatal. Normal activities were restricted and she was confined for seven years. The only way to lessen fear or sadness was to write a diary of her emotions. This became a foundation for her writing career yeas later.

Returning to the speed of society after was challenging, but weakness and vulnerability became her strength for survival. Adjusting to normal school life showed bravery, but now, as a rebellious teenager, she craved excitement. It was this counter-productive behavior that determined the next three decades of toxic relationships, abuse and chemical dependency.

With perseverance to rise above adversity, Mia practiced the 12 Steps of Emotions Anonymous and journaled her way to recovery. She found peace of mind and discovered a new way of life and a higher purpose. 

The study of ancient healing modalities and subtle energy medicine sparked her interest, soon earning a degree as Reiki Master, and ordained as Minister of Spiritual Healing by the Loving Touch Center International in '94. Fifteen years of Native American Shamanic wisdom teachings added fascinating truths crucial to her spiritual development and was honored in a United Nations Documentary on Alternative Medicine.

Mia offers a multitude of creative, out-of-the-box, alternative therapies for psychological health and spiritual well-being — well received and enjoyed by Mental Health and Education organizations, Lifelong Learning Programs, the Community, in her travels, and on the Internet. 

Link to virtual support, Meditation and Study Groups.

“I delight in the simple wonders of life and finds joy in helping others develop their uniqueness". M. Cara


My mission is to educate and encourage the use of preventative therapies and alternative healing modalities before unwelcome dis-ease, alcohol, or chemical, dependency becomes a controlling force in life.



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There is a powerful force within us that radiates outward beyond our physical body - a heavenly presence pre-ordained by a highly enlightened being long before our birth, and it's there to guide and help us make life easier. Call on this wisdom through meditation, intuition (gut feelings or hunches), and dreams, or from words of a song you just happen to hear.

Reiki Energy Medicine is an ancient healing modality from the far East that helps reduce pain, stress, and emotional discomfort while increasing clarity and rejuvenation. With a gentle, laying-on-of-hands (or intention) energy is transferred from one being to another. There is no religious dogma; It is not dependent on one's intellectual capacity and works whether you believe it or not. 


Experience a warm, tingling sensation as Universal Life Force Energy flows through your body-mind clearing/unblocking and balancing your chakras. After a session, drink plenty of plain water and rest. Refrain from OTC remedies and allow the natural release of toxins.

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness, you touch everything".  -Lao Tzu 

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