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Mia's healing journey began in New York, where she was born and raised. Many hardships were endured, i.e., a childhood illness that kept her activities limited and confined, which led to years of medication for depression due to toxic relationships before she was led to study ancient philosophies and healing modalities. Intensive inner work and innate creative abilities were awakened.

When she earned a Master degree in Reiki and was ordained, the gift of healing was presented. Native American Shamanic wisdom teachings uncovered fascinating truths crucial to her spiritual development, and her true purpose was revealed. Mia uses her gift of touch to comfort those mentally or emotionally ill. Medical intuition and psychic mediumship add to the process. Her healing skills were demonstrated in a United Nations documentary on Alternative Medicine. Motivational Art and Spiritual development workshops offer natural remedies for living a happy, healthy, balanced lifestyle focused on self-love and self-respect. 

More than twenty years of volunteering efforts are well received by individuals, hospitals, schools, youth, and senior programs, continuing education, mental health organizations, and Lifelong Learning Programs, in her travels and on the Internet. Dreams were fulfilled having three wellness centers in NY where she established a non profit Ministry for Creative Arts and Spiritual Development.

The continuous journey to rise above the ongoing complexities of life, broadened by a powerful sense of Self, is her foundation.  Mia's artwork, sculptures, and fabric designs are exhibited in galleries, libraries, and shops in the US, Canada, and abroad. Free Spiritual counsel is offered when the going gets rough. Please donate below.


 "I delight in the simple wonders of life and find joy in motivating others to develop their uniqueness. My mission is to educate and encourage the use of alternative medicine and preventative therapies before unwelcome dis-ease, alcohol, or chemical dependency become a controlling force in one's life.”

Art as Medicine

Unplanned creative abilities become works of art and my Medicine for my Life.

Creating something from nothing becomes a ceremony in sacred time and space. It begins with meditation. When a receptive, mind is achieved relinquished of self-criticism, every brushstroke comes alive. A blank canvas is filled with color and a portrait is born; Clay takes form in sculpture; Fabrics become colorful designs for pillow and doll designs. Each of my creations is available in the Art Mart for purchase and your enjoyment. Contact and pricing.

Mia introduces Little Rose Lost and Found as a young girl born with roses growing from her ears as she travels toward her destiny - in this illustrated parable, that contains an Emotional Maturity workbook for all ages.  Follow her memoir Life Without Reservations (forthcoming). The hero's journey from adversity to success.



mia cara memoir
Little Rose Lost and Found
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