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About Mia

Mia embarked on her spiritual journey in New York many moons ago. Due to a debilitating childhood illness that could prove fatal she grew separated from the norm. Innate creative abilities of painting and sculpting awakened her to survival strategies to alleviate stress and conquer illnesses. The study of ancient Eastern philosophy and healing modalities brought her to a spiritual awakening and a Master degree in Energy work. Further study of Shamanic wisdom teachings uncovered fascinating truths crucial to her spiritual development - and her true purpose was revealed  - using her 'gift of touch' to comfort those mentally or emotionally ill.

More than twenty years of professional experience teaching motivational art therapies and holistic self-empowerment techniques are well received by individuals in hospitals, continuing education programs, mental health facilities, and Lifelong Learning Programs.


During the COVID-19 global crisis Mia traveled cross-country to California's West Coast to share her gift of healing. Her artwork and fabric designs are exhibited in galleries and shops in the US, Canada and abroad.

The continuous journey to rise above the ongoing complexities of life is broadened by a powerful sense of Self, which is her foundation. She was honored in a United Nations documentary on Alternative Medicine, where her healing skills were demonstrated.


 "I delight in the simple wonders of life and find joy in motivating others to develop their uniqueness. My mission is to educate and encourage the use of alternative medicine and preventative therapies before unwelcome dis-ease, alcohol, or chemical dependency become a controlling force in one's life."

Little Rose Lost and Found is self-help book that tells a story of self-will, and risk taking adventures of a young girl born with a ‘difference’ in search for her true identity. An illustrated (parable) for ALL ages,. 

I offer it as a slide-presentation in programs that target 'runaways, and children coming-of-age before they become lost in a society that could be damaging. An interactive discussion on Emotional Maturity follows.  

Contact me for a presentation.

Life Without Reservations - a Hero's Journey from adversity to success - Mia's forthcoming autobiography.

Little Rose Lost and Found
mia cara memoir
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