Born and raised in New York, Mia found her niche in the Healing and Art community. Her spiritual journey began at a young age when she was confined for seven years with a heart condition. Writing became a helpful passtime, but the following three decades brought toxic relationships, abuse and chemical dependency. With determination to replace the loss of so many years, she was introduced to E A Emotions Anonymous.org.  A support group based on A.A.'s principals, Traditions and Concepts) where she journaled her way to recovery. 

Perseverance to rise above adversity proved successful.  Mental illness (BiPolar, MMDD) were replaced with innate creative abilities - uncovered survival skills. Native American wisdom teachings uncovered fascinating truths crucial to her spiritual development. Increased healing continued with the study of Eastern philosophies and ancient healing modalities, earning a Master degree in Reiki Spiritual Healing. In 2007 when she was honored in a United Nations Documentary on Alternative Medicine.

Using the courage to change the things she could, a non-profit Ministry was established devoted to creative, out-of-the-box, alternative therapies for mental emotional health and spiritual well-being. All, well received by Mental Health organizations, Life-Long Learning Programs in the community, in her travels and on the Internet, dedicated to helping others overcome the stigma of  mental illness.

"My mission is to educate and encourage the use of preventative therapies and alternative medicine BEFORE unwelcome dis-ease, alcohol, or chemical dependency become a controlling force in one's life. I delight in the simple wonders of life and find joy in helping others develop their own uniqueness".


Little Rose Lost and Found,a parable published in 2015, is her illustrated journey of the classic Hero's Journey. It includes a workbook on emotional maturity - for all ages.

Little Rose Lost and Found
Little Rose Lost and Found

Life is not what you've done. It's how you've done it.   - the Tao

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