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Healing - Art Workshops

Balance Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual body
Awaken Creative Child Within

Heighten Intuition

Elevate Spirit

Sessions and workshops are inspiring, educational, and restorative, emphasizing truth and the power of present-moment awareness. Each workshop embraces a combination of tools and techniques for mind-body balance, health, and spiritual development.

​Self-Empowerment Training

Eight sessions: $25/session. Each workshop begins with a meditation to quiet the mind. Where else can you master self-empowerment? 

  • Breathwork & Meditation: If you're coping with anxiety or panic attacks, Mia will help you create a secure place to go (in your mind)  when life's situations become unbearable.

  • Bio-Vocal Harmonics Sound Healing for chronic conditions

  • Vision Enhancement & Memory Recall Enhance Intuition: Recognize and understand messages your body sends. Yes/No responses. What an exhilarating feeling of empowerment as you replace old fears with the power of your potential. 

  • Psychic/Energy Vampires: Recognize what or who is draining your energy

  • EFT Emotional Freedom Technique or Tapping: Tap specific acupuncture points on the face and body, affirming acceptance of yourself and who you are.

  • Balance Yin/Yang  Explanation of male/female parts & what your actions represent.     


  • The Pendulum   Make and Test your Pendulum: Enhance your Psychic Ability. 


 The seven chakras: Learn how your Behaviors and Attitudes affect your overall mind-body health.

Workshops held at Community Wellness Collaborative 3239 Adams Ave. Sandiego CA 92116.  Register Today

Motivational Art Therapies - Creative Metaphysics 

Each workshop will be a Fun, Life-affirming Adventure inviting you to delve into your innate creative self that's been buried for years based on someone else's judgment of your abilities. I will be your Spiritual Guide, assisting you on your journey inward. Together, we will meet your Inner Child.

  • Paint & Sip Meditation  Tune out the world with a guided meditation. Doodle designs into prepared shapes on Greeting cards. Have fun. 

  • Mother & Child Decoupage    

  • Create your own Tarot Deck for daily guidance.

  • Life Mandala: A Journey to Self-Discovery. Create a Mandala through the eyes of your Inner Child using your non-dominant hand. You'll be challenged but surprised by what is revealed. For a fun healing adventure, we'll use our middle name only. If you don't have one, make one up. 

  • Blind Drawing: Draw a full figure with eyes closed, following my lead slowly. (This is a study on inner knowing. )

  • Improv Writing for centering & grounding mind and body    5 min. Response to my prompts

  • Deco Art   Create on a plate using ripped napkins, tissue, string, etc. No experience is necessary. 

  • Paint a Tote bag, T-shirt, or Tank Top.

  • Heal Your Inner Child  Begin a dialog with your inner child using your non-dominant hand.

  •  RR&R to your Destiny    When you fall victim to the circumstances in your life: Relieve Stress & pressure during the transition when emotions are running wild and decisions need to be made; Remove obstacles of self-sabotage; Restore Sanity, Balance, & Clarity for successful outcomes.

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