Design a new way of Life with RR&R

Cross over into a new way of life by Journaling


Review the times in your life when you detoured from a goal; When emotions were running wild and WRONG decisions were made i.e. trauma of illness, divorce, loss of partner, pet, house, career, or job change.


Release draining unfulfilling relationships, situations, and belief systems that pull you down and are not conducive to your growth process. Replace them with positive, loving, supportive people or situations that don't have a private agenda.  



Restore sanity, clarity and balance with focused goals for successful outcomes in regular Reiki Energy Healing sessions and spiritual development workshops (see below). Be willing to do the work necessary to achieve your goal. Embrace change with fearless abandon.  Book an online Energy Healing.

Cross over into a new way of life by Journaling. Schedule Workshop

Spiritual development workshops




Re-design a Life with Purpose. While sharing past traumas verbally at self-help meetings or support groups can get you through the day, the written word is much more powerful and lasting. When you journal, you're more apt to gain insight into what went wrong, or where you could have said or done things differently. It's the first step in accepting your part in it all. 

If you’re unfamiliar to journalling, a good place to start is with an old calendar with large boxes; For just one month, write an emotion that overwhelms you.  If many emotions overwhelm you, just deal with one at a time. 

When you’ve warmed up to writing your pain out with single words, you can begin journaling one sentence at a time which becomes a paragraph. Each paragraph is a step to the next, and so on. Date your entries, chart your new journey and follow your own progress. 

The next step in healing the psychological, emotional, self is overcoming a fear of failure. Remember, you never fail, you just produce results and acquire the wisdom to know the difference. There you go. You’ve gained the courage to change things around toward a positive, fruitful outcome. You’ll never know if you don’t take some risks. Link to a virtual workshop (till COVID19 restrictions end).

Face-to-face Journaling toward Self-Discovery workshop offers an animated, video presentation of the story of Little Rose, born with roses growing from her ears as she searches for purpose and meaning in a society that labels and destroys her instead of supporting and encouraging her gifts. Written and illustrated by the author. Location: ON HOLD due to COVID 19 restrictions.










TAP INTO YOUR CREATIVE SIDE  A No-Talent Necessary workshop and healing journey, for anyone who'd like to dabble in the creative, arts. Join us in our madness as we discover our creative, inner-child. Supplies, Light Refreshments. Register here.

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