Born and raised in NYC, Mia found her niche in Buffalo as an Artist, Writer, Healer and Educator. The wounded healer's journey was mapped out at an early age when diagnosed with a debilitating illness that could prove fatal with overactivity or exuberance. For seven years, journaling her feelings was the only way to turn sadness and loneliness into harmonious relationships with the outside world.


The following three decades were filled with trauma, toxic relationship, abuse and chemical dependency for severe, depression. The 12 step support group of EmotionsAnonymous helped her conquer 25 years of drug and alcohol dependency.

The search for answers lead to study ancient healing modalities and subtle energy medicine.Working 15 years with Native American medicine man and his wisdom teachings added fascinating truths crucial to her spiritual development. Certified Reiki Master, ordained Minister of Spiritual Healing by the Loving Touch Center in California, and honored in a United Nations Documentary on Alternative Medicine. 

She established the Transformation Center LLC presenting a multitude of creative, out-of-the-box, therapies for spiritual growth for all ages.The programs have been well received by Mental Health organizations, Schools, Lifelong Learning Programs, the Community, in her travels and on the Internet.

"I delight in the simple wonders of life and find joy in helping others develop their uniqueness".

Her mission is to educate and encourage the use of preventative therapies before unwelcome dis-ease, alcohol or chemical, dependency become the controlling force in one's life. As a wellness advocate and disease prevention specialist, Mia offers hope and Self-empowerment Inspirational speaking events. Click here to schedule

Lesbian Couple with Son

I want to hear how Mia can help me


I can help you design a New Life from scratch

as I designed mine

Here are some practices you can put in motion

Tell your Story  (3 part series)

Everyone has a story to tell. Getting your emotions out of you and on paper is the journey toward self-healing.

Begin by using one word answers to my prompts. Put them in a sentence, a paragraph etc. to tell your story, good or bad, true or imagined. Describe obstacles in your life that keep you from moving forward, etc.  Enjoy a narrated video presentation of Little Rose Lost and Found about the search for meaning in a world that doesn't accept you as you are. $20

Next workshop Nov 28, 2019 @ Harlem Rd. Community Center Buffalo NY Click for current workshops


Tap into your Creative Side

Are you someone who always says "I don't have a creative bone in my body?"  Well it isn't so. Everyone is born with innate creative ability. You just haven't awakened it yet  Maybe someone  said you didn't have what it takes when you were young, but there is a way. Trust me. This journey is for anyone who'd like to dabble in the creative arts. It's a No Talent Necessary art experience, like a paint night.  It's also for  anyone with a thought, who turned it into a project or product that went viral. If you enjoy having fun while creating and sipping (BYOB), join us in our madness. Supplies, Paints,  ZenTangles included. Begins with Reiki Meditation.  $25


I can help you 

Relieve stress during transition when decisions need to be made and emotions are running wild.. (Divorce, Grieving loss of partner, pet, house, job)

Remove obstacles of self-sabotage

Restore Sanity, balance and clarity for successful outcomes. 


Clearing the Path with Reiki

The purpose is not to relax but to become still and perceive the life you desire. When you meditate with specific, intention and it will manifest.

Spend time with Mia sharing your skills, your goals, and your Call to Action plan for making it all happen. Includes Spiritual Counsel, Reiki and Readings/Mirror writing. 

$150/3 hours.   Maintenance sessions $60/hr.  

Quick Fixes $20/20minutes. Meet locally or phone session Major Credit Cards accepted.  Click to schedule 

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© 2018 proudly created by MiaCara with Wix.com  New York USA

© 2018 proudly created by MiaCara with Wix.com  New York USA