Spiritual Awakening

Welcome Seekers! You've come a long way seeking a better life.  You're tired of dwelling in the past while struggling for a better future, but you're here, now, in this present moment.   It's the right place and time to design a new way of life - using my tried-and-true RR&R template for success. It works if you work it!



Review times in your life when you had to detour from a goal; When emotions were running wild and wrong decisions were made that altered your path in life i.e. trauma, illness, divorce, loss of partner, pet, house, job or career change.


Release draining unfulfilling relationships, situations, old belief systems not conducive to your growth i.e. people and situations that drain your energy, sometimes called psychic vampires., and replace them with positive, loving, supportive people, and situations. 



Restore sanity, clarity, and balance with Reiki Energy Healing sessions; Learn survival skills for success at any of my Spiritual Awakening workshops. Learn how attitudes and behaviors can alter your health. Learn how to unblock and clear the chakras for balance, calm, and focused decision making. Be ready and willing to do the work necessary to get unstuck and achieve your goals. Embrace change with fearless abandon.

For Emotional support and Spiritual Council, contact me and leave a message. I'll make myself available to help.  

I offer a variety of approaches to therapeutic healing and personal wellbeing using a unique blend of Eastern and Western expertise including the Shamanic system of healing:  Experiential vs. Beliefs. My creative solutions are for psychological health and spiritual well-being are yours for the choosing. Contact me to learn more about what best fits for you on your journey toward health and wholelness.

Spiritual  AwakeningWorkshops

JOURNALING TOWARD SELF-DISCOVERY.   While sharing traumas verbally can get you through the day, the written word is much more powerful - and lasting. Once the damaging emotions are out of you, they lose power over you, and being able to look back at your own words will offer insight into seeing what or where you could have said or done things differently. It's about taking responsibility for your actions. 


If you’re unfamiliar with journalling, a good place to begin is writing one emotion a day on a calendar - one that overwhelms you i.e. Fear; Anger; Loneliness; Resentment; Control; Depression; Guilt; Anxiety; Indecision; Self-Pity; Procrastination; Self-Esteem, etc. After one month, look back at the emotions that appear most often, then deal with them one-at-a-time. A safe place for help in managing unsolved problems and emotions is my Spiritual Awakening 12 Step Meditation Study group which is based on AA principles, traditions and concepts.


TAP INTO YOUR INNER-CHILD  This is a no-artistic-talent-necessary workshop. This is a healing journey, as your inner child has never been taught. You'll be surprised by what he/she reveals. Join us in our madness. Dabble in experimental art and allow your inner-child to play with a variety of mixed mediums, paint, ink, oil, pastels i.e. collage, fabric, tissue, canvas, parchment, Chinese rice-paper. You’ll have fun and be healing at the same time.


SELF-AWARENESS training  Learn simple, natural self-healing techniques to incorporate in your daily life; Journey through the chakras; Sound Healing; EMDR; Vision enhancement, and Psychic awareness exercises.

What are you waiting for?

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