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Mia’s Recommended Daily Affirmations               


  1.  I will pray for the courage to take risks without fear and learn from my own mistakes.

  2.  I will be unafraid of failure so that I may strengthen and empower myself.
  3.  I will use the wisdom from my experiences and follow the path of heart. 

  4.  I will act, not re-act in potentially harmful situations.

  5.  I will refrain from offering opinions as they are only guesses at the truth, filled with ever changing doubts.

  6.  I will maintain self-respect at all times regardless of the situation.

  7.  I will keep things simple, light and humorous for time-honored harmony.

  8.  I will be congruent in everything I say and do, and live with integrity.

  9.  I will love God by loving mankind and all species of life.

  10.  I will trust and follow my intuition for important decision making.

  11.  I will react creatively in all situations in every aspect of my life to expand positive outcomes.

  12.  I will seek out my highest potential and live with purpose.

  13.  I will become a motivating force in my life and for the good of all.

  14.  I will detour around people and situations that could become toxic.

  15.  I will be open to new ways of thinking that could enhance my life, this and every day.

  16.  I will use courage to change bad habits, wasteful thoughts and negative patterns in my life.

  17.  I will make a difference in this moment and create my own destiny.

  18.  I will give up the need to defend my point of view to avoid all conflict and confrontation.

  19.  I will eliminate struggle and frustration by knowing when to surrender.

  20.  I will take responsibility for my choices and not rely on unsolicited advice, therefore removing blame. 

  21.  To become illuminated, I will eliminate negative thoughts, people and situations in my life.

  22.  To Quit is to Give Up. To Surrender is Serenity.